The Creek Fest is an outdoor festival of arts, crafts, and sports activities. It celebrates creativity and the great outdoors. The festival lasts for one day, and it is held in North Houston. The festival is organized by the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce, and a number of other organizations. This festival is a family-friendly event and at the same time, it showcases local artist and artisans’ craftsmanship, giving them an opportunity to sell their work on the Festival Marketplace.  

Things to See and Do

The festival has many activities, and you can choose how you want to spend the day. Everything is organized outside, so you can make the most of your time in the wilderness. 

Bike Tours and Clinics

The festival will also include bike clinics, as well as organized tours that pass thru the bike trails. Beside this, there will be a short session about bike and bike equipment use.

Stage Performances

Local artists, theater groups, singers, and pupils will perform and entertain the public all thru the day. 


Beside the on-land activities, you can also take a canoe trip and spend part of your day gliding over the Creek with the help of a Boy Scout Troop.  

The Run

Part of the festival organization is the 5K and 1K family run, organized around Cypress Creek.

Physical Feats 

Besides these events, there will be a range of physical activities and physical feet tests organized for your enjoyment.  

Museum Day Activity

The Pearl Fincher Museum will organize a tent with family activities.

Goals and Missions

The main goal of our festival is to motivate people to spend time in the great outdoors, with their family and friends. Also, we want people to find ways to be creative, and to stay healthy and fit, to socialize, and explore nature. While at the same time respecting the wilderness that is graciously hosting the event. We want to make a fun, event-filled day in the beautiful setting around Cypress Creek. 

The Importance of Festivals

Events like the Creek Festival bring together many things that make them such an important part of our lives. The commotion of our everyday lives leaves little space for discovering our creative nature. Neither does it live much time for us to explore the beautiful nature outside our cities, and houses. When an event like this is organized people have a reason to go outside with their family and friend and to discover the activities they could do by themselves whenever they want.