Nature and Creativity

Many great artists have found immense inspiration in nature and the many different landscapes it offers. This has always been a safe haven for the many confused minds that made some of the masterpieces we all enjoy. This inspiring influence can be felt by other people, and even the least creative and talented of us can enjoy some activities directed towards our artistic expression.

Nature offers colors, scents, and sounds that can calm us, or give us a boost of energy. Depending on where we go, and what we want. Beside seeking inspiration, we can also practice our crafting skills amidst trees and fresh air. These are the reasons why we chose to make the festival at Cypress Creek something that includes a whole range of creative and workshop stilled events.

Being Creative

FestivalsThere are two sides to our creativity agenda. The first and main part of the festival is to offer people a chance to try out different arts and crafts activities with the help of professionals. This means that we organize different types of workshops and outdoor activities that are directed toward people of all ages. You and your children can stroll thru the festival and find the right activities for you.

On the other side, we also want to make a space where local artist and talented children can express themselves and show their talents in forint an audience. There are stages, workshops, and even a marketplace where this can be achieved. At the same time, you and your family members will have an opportunity to listen and look at people while they perform, enjoy an exhibition outside, or buy an authentic souvenir in the market.

This is what we think makes our festival unique, because you can experience creativity and the artist’s creative process in a beautiful setting around Cypress Creek. Together with friends, and family you can teach your child how to truly enjoy the wilderness.

 Immortalizing Nature

We are nothing more than animals, with some extra abilities. But we depend on nature and it is the home we all come from. It is inspiring because it hides danger and beauty at the same time. This tension is something that makes it the best place to come in touch with the deep feelings that we often don’t have time to address. Is there a better way to give thanks to the wilderness that made us, then with an appreciation of what it stands for? The only true way we can demonstrate our appreciation towards the great outdoors is with artwork that can immortalize the beauty that we encounter.

This is why we made the Creek Festival, a place where you can express your self in all the ways a human can, without expectations and demands. Just pure enjoyment thru expression and physical activity sounded by friend, family, and children. Truly a magnificent event, that has a little something for everybody, and that teaches you how to love the home we all share.