5 Best Hikes in Missouri

Missouri has a lot of fun activities to offer, and it is only a matter of visiting and going through searches to know what they offer. Like for instance, they have some fantastic hiking destinations in the country. In most of the cases, you will find that a lot of the people in the country usually overlook the beauty of the show-me-state.

In Missouri, the beauty of the landscape is well maintained by the availability of a panoramic view of the rivers, the pristine wilderness, the incredible wildlife and the beautiful geological wonders. It is continuing to grow and by so doing it inspires people to know more about what it has in store for them.

Even though there are many hiking destinations to discover it is a sure deal that the listed below will automatically give you the feeling that you want. The whole experience that you will get here will replenish your soul and help in fueling your wander list to the solitude of nature. The following are the list of the five best hikes in Missouri.

1. The Lost Valley Trail

A hiking in missouri is great a distance of about 10.5 miles; the hiking of the mountain is just beautiful when seen by foot. The sound forest will make your all experience superb, and you won’t get the time to regret the kind of visit that you made.

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Also in the journey, there are some natural springs and even the twists through rocks formations. This hiking experience is for the kind of persons that are looking for great hiking of a reasonable distance through the terrain. This kind of valley is located in Chesterfield.

2. Lewis And Clark Trail

This is located in St. Charles, and it has a distance of about 8.5-mile loop. It is one among the best walks in America; this is brought about by the River that gives the kind of breeze that makes all acts impressive. Fleeting near magnificent limestone cliffs and bluffs, the observations along this short and picturesque ramble are sure to drive your craving to carry on discovering farther away from the city. The stream crossings, overwhelming views, an abundance of chances to travel around and take in the loveliness of the area, this hike is the perfect weekend trek and also good for the afternoon getaway.

3. Ozark Trail

Located in St.Louis to Arkansas this kind of walk is 500+ miles, it is destined to be among the best and long distance lines in the country, though it is still under construction, you will find that it will be the largest of them all as compared to the ones that we have already looked at the beginning.


The line is divided into many pieces approximately thirteen pieces which make it extend from St. Louis to Arkansas border. At the same time, the whole track is elegant; the emphasize has to be the section of the road. Drifting through 1.5 billion year old mountains, this 35-mile segment of the line will get you up securing the assorted splendor of the state. Verdant valleys, rolling forests and Natural springs, make any part of this trail-in-progress worth a stopover.

4. Meramec State Park

Located in Sullivan the line has a distance of 13.85 miles, it has the seven lines all of the different length and also tricky. The two are mostly noticed since they explore the wilderness area abounding natural beauty.

5. Natural Tunnel Trails

Located in Bennet Spring State Park, the line has a distance of 12.6 miles.

This kind has six paths from within the state park, and they are lovely when you look at them. If you are a kind of person who loves history, then the caves and incredible foliage are found here, and no need to pass makes a hike here.


Hiking is fun and going through the different mentioned is an excellent opportunity since you will be able to learn a lot from the hiking activity. The area has a lot of fun to offer if only you explore and find out what it has to offer, you won’t regret the feeling that you will get in the hiking activity.