What are Vaporizers and How do They Work?

Smoking cannabis is becoming more popular every day. This is due to two facts. First of all, it’s an excellent chill method that has fewer side effects, than alcohol, the day after. Secondly, a lot of people use cannabis to help them with their emotional and health problems.

This article will be about smoking cannabis, but not in a conventional way but with the aid of specialized tools for smoking. We will talk about how vaporizers work, and about the benefits of inhaling smoke from them.

The Mechanics of Vaporizers

Conventional ways of smoking cannabis or any other herb or plant usually use paper and fire to extract the active substance from the drug. But in the past thirty years, as the international campaigns for controlling the amount of tobacco smoke has taken over the world, people are becoming aware of the fact that a lot of health problems come from the smoke that we inhale. The problem is not caused by nicotine, or by THC but by the carbon monoxide and tar that are released in all situation when a plant is burned.

But people did not stop smoking, they figured out a way to protect themselves from the dangerous parts of their favorite past time. And that’s where the vaporizers come in, they are specifically designed to extract active substances from the plant of your choice without causing to much damage with the temperature that is used for extraction.


The principle is the same in all Vaporizers you have a tray where you put your cannabis, and then successive chambers that extract the smoke in a less evasive and destructive way then fire. This method of extracting uses water and extracts the active substance at much lower temperatures. These facts ensure that your smoke is rich in the substances you want and has little or no substances that are harmful.

Benefits of Vaporizers

Some of the benefits we already mentioned and for more info about cannabis and vaporizers, you can visit the website https://smokeynews.com/. But we want to go over some of the facts about vaping here as well.

Vaporizers are primarily used for health reasons. They are an excellent way to inhale smoke that’s free of all the dangerous things that are inside it. Beside this the smoke that comes from these machines is usually more concentrated then regular smoke smoked from a joint, this is due to the mentioned method of extraction that uses different chambers and water to cool the smoke.

Besides the health benefits, they are used for smoking cannabis in situations where you don’t want the smell to escape from the place where you smoke it, that is when you don’t want to be caught. They come in different sizes and shapes, and you can get one for a party situation or for one-person use. And finally, they come in many different designed and colors so you can find the one that matches your esthetic or one that is so discreet that you won’t know it’s a vaporizer.